AlcoDigital are a leading supplier of digital and single use breathalysers, with a wider range of own-brand models than any other supplier.

We have a range of opportunities for distributors and companies requiring branded single use breathalysers for the European market, as well as exclusive distribution opportunities available on selected digital breathalysers.

Call us on (01)571 205417 to discuss your requirements.

What sets us apart is our dedication to quality and personal service – we’re real people with extensive knowledge that we’re happy to share with you. When you buy from us, you are guaranteed an accurate and reliable product backed up with friendly advice and technical know-how.

Ben Collins is a professional racing driver known across the globe for his role on Top Gear as “The Stig” – pushing cars and technology to the limits. Precision, reliability and consistency are part of his life and he is totally committed to improving road safety:

“Partnering with AlcoDigital is a natural fit for me. Alongside my books I thoroughly enjoy my work as an inspirational speaker at schools and events, teaching others about driver safety. I am delighted to be working with a brand whose main goal is to make a difference to road safety in the UK.”

Single Use Morning After Breathalyzers

Simple to use - Always available - Low cost - NF Certified for use in France

0.02% BAC – for Commercial Drivers – NF approved

Single Kit @ €3.99 each

0.05% BAC – French NF Approved

Single Kit @ €3.99 each

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