Digital and Single Use Breathalyzers

We provide the widest range of digital and single use breathalysers for personal alcohol testing.

As UK & Ireland’s leading alcohol safety experts, we’ve been helping individuals, corporate and government organisations find the right solution to their alcohol testing needs since 2002.

What sets us apart is our dedication to quality and personal service – we’re real people with extensive knowledge that we’re happy to share with you. When you buy from us, you are guaranteed an accurate and reliable product backed up with friendly advice and technical know-how.


We are the leading breathalyser company in the UK & Ireland and supply the widest range of breathalysers for both personal and professional use. Our extensive range of own-brand and branded breathalyzers come from the medical testing world’s most trusted manufacturers – we are Draeger’s Channel Partner for Workplace Drug & Alcohol testing in the UK and Sole Distributors for Sentech, Contralco, LifeLoc and Quest Products Inc (AlcoHawk).  We are Vendor Partners with Amazon for breathalyzers.

Calibration and Servicing

We don’t just sell boxes; our expertise extends to maintenance and calibration of breathalyzers, vehicle interlocks and drug analyzers.  We are the appointed Service Centre for more makes and models than anyone else in the UK and because we have the technical capability to carry out the work in-house, it enables us to provide a fast turnaround with engineers available to discuss issues over the phone.

The AlcoDigital team

With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, we can provide expert help and advice on anything relating to alcohol and drug testing.

  • Chris Deith, Managing Director
  • Suzannah Robin, Sales & Training Director
  • Laura Jones, Calibration and Service Manager
  • Kieren Casey, Training Manager
  • Ann Smith, Office Manager
  • Ben Collins, Brand Ambassador


As alcohol safety experts, we are regularly asked for our opinion on emerging legislation, news and events relating to alcohol testing. In the video below, our Director Suzannah Robin speaks to ITV’s Tonight programme to compare and assess the effects of driving at the Drink Drive Limits in Scotland and England.

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