AlcoDigital 10 Step Guide to your Alcohol and Drug policy and testing procedure

Alcohol and drug safety experts

UK Drug and Alcohol safety experts

AlcoDigital have written a 10-step guide for those looking to put together or review an Alcohol and Drug policy. Steps include what level to set your alcohol limit to for a ‘no tolerance’ policy; up to date relevant laws and regulations; best practice procedures and much more. This guide will enable you to become the Alcohol and Drug expert in your company.

The 10-step guide is split over a series of emails. Each fortnight you will receive an email in your inbox, for you to take about 5 minutes to read with your coffee in the morning. You will have time to assess the information received, do your own research, and apply the relevant changes if need be, one step at a time. With very little time or effort, by the end of the guide you will have the ability to create an up to date and effective Alcohol and Drug policy for your company.

This email subscription is completely free, and you will also be one of the first to know of any discounted equipment we have available.  If the step-by-step guide isn’t for you, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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