Mouthpieces and sensors

We stock mouthpieces, sensors and other accessories for around 60 different models of breathalyzer. Flip through the photos below to find the breathalyzer that most closely resembles your own, select it and you will be offered a selection of accessories relating to the model selected.

Mouthpieces (AKA Breathalyzer tubes and straws)

We stock mouthpieces for the following brands: AlcoDigital, Sentech, AlcoHawk, AlcoSure, Lifeloc and Draeger.  We may also be able to supply other brands so please feel free to contact us on 0208 454 7373 if you can’t see your breathalyzer below.

Mouthpieces are normally extremely durable and can be used time and again. However, they are small and easily lost so we offer small sized packs for personal users, with larger quantity packs available for our commercial customers.


Some AlcoDigital Breathalyzers such as the AL6000, AL7000, Platinum and EON do not require calibration and come with replaceable swap and go sensors. These are also available from the links below when you select your breathalyzer.


If your breathalyzer isn’t shown above, we may still be able to help – go to our Customer Service Centre or give us a call on 0208 454 7372 and we will either match your breathalyzer to existing stock, or investigate a source of supply.

Bulk/trade packs – If you require larger quantities for trade or company testing then you may wish to enquire with our sales team at   Let us know the quantity you are after so we can offer you our bulk deals.

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