AlcoDigital AL2500 Breathalyzer


  • Optional mouthpiece; blow directly onto the sensor for a quick check or use a mouthpiece for greater accuracy.
  • Long battery life with ‘Power Save’ mode.
  • Easy to read backlit LCD display.
  • Small, lightweight and compact sized
  • Measures in BAC



Not to be confused with the earlier model of the AL2500 (also sold as the AL2500 Prime) the new AL2500 Elite has upgraded sensor module and most importantly, the optional use of a mouthpiece to ensure a proper sample.

Simple and easy to use, its one button system allows easy control of the device:  just press the button when you wish to perform a breath test then blow when it instructs you to.

Results are clear and easy to understand. Results are shown in %BAC.

English and Welsh Limit: 0.08% BAC Scottish limit: 0.05% BAC

Small, light weight and compact – small enough to easily carry in your pocket. Supplied with 3 mouth piece tubes & instructions. Uses a tiny Semi-conductor, to fit in with the small and elegant size of the product.

UK based 12 month warranty. FREE UK DELIVERY AVAILABLE

We INCLUDE the batteries – no hidden extras!


Small and compact design

The AL2500 breathalyzer is one of the smallest on the market. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around for day to day use.  Alternatively keep in the glove box so it’s where you need it, when you need it.

Semi Conductor Sensor

This semi conductor sensor measures your alcohol level in %BAC.   The limit in England and Wales is 0.08%BAC and in Scotland is 0.05%BAC.

The alcohol in your breath content produces an electrical charge as it reacts with the sensor, producing a level that is converted into an alcohol reading.  We recommend that for the most accurate reading you have finished consumption of alcohol, food, smoke etc 20 minutes before you provide a breath sample. Not only will this be a more accurate reading but you will protect the longevity of the breathalyzer.


CE approval

DOT Alcohol Screening Devices approval

FDA approval

RoHS compliant


Mouthpieces provide additional accuracy by directing the breath into the alcohol testing device.  The AL2500 breathalyzer comes with three spare mouthpieces, which are re-usable and can be washed in hot water.  If you want to use the breathalyzer on more than three of your friends and family then you can use a straw in addition to a mouthpiece making it handy when checking the designated driver at the pub.

If you forget your mouthpiece don’t worry!  You can blow directly into the sample port and the breathalyzer will still produce a reading – just be aware this may not be as accurate as when using a mouthpiece.

Additional Features

To save on battery power the AL2500 will power off if not used, helping to save on the battery power and screen. So you don’t have to worry if you forgot to manually turn it off, which is quite possible when you get home from a night out/and taxi ride home, and just want to test yourself for fun.

Additional information

Accuracy @ 0.05C



up to .40C



Sensor Type


Response time

Within 15 seconds

Warm up time

Less than 1 minute

Recovery Time

20 seconds

Breathalyzer: AL2500

Colour: Black

No. mouthpieces : 3

Batteries: 2 x AA 1.5v batteries included



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