AlcoDigital Platinum Lite Breathalyzer with NFC


  • NFC capability to work with our app on your phone
  • Record your results on the app and take pictures as you go
  • Small and compact design
  • 5 star reviews
  • Measures in Promille (English limit 0.80‰, Scottish limit 0.50‰)


The AlcoDigital Platinum Lite is our the best value-for-money fuel cell breathalyzer. Fuel cell sensors are at least twice as accurate as semi-conductors and will generally give double the lifespan too, so for only £10 more than the top end semi-conductor breathalyzers you certainly get your money’s worth.


Diesel Car Review – 5 Star ‘A very good fuel cell pocket breathalyser at an affordable price’

FASTcar Review – Top Value Fuel Cell ‘By far the best value we’ve seen’ ‘very James Bond indeed.


The Platinum Lite is now available with NFC (Near Field Communications) as standard – at no extra cost – so you can use it with the AlcoTag (add link) app to record your limit.  This is free to download and link with your breathalyzer.

UK based 12 month warranty. FREE UK DELIVERY AVAILABLE

Batteries included have about a 200-test lifespan.


How accurate is a fuel cell breathalyzer?

To understand the difference between semi conductor sensors and fuel cell sensors check out our blog Semi-Conductor vs Fuel Cell Sensors.

Simplified, fuel cell sensors are much larger than a semi-conductor.  The larger the sensor, the better it can produce the electrical current needed to detect levels of alcohol – giving more reliable and consistent results. The size of our Platinum Lite sensor is 30mm².

You will also find that fuel cell sensors are more durable meaning they can be used a lot while maintaining their strong levels of accuracy. Regular annual calibration can see these sensors lasting years and years.

The breathalyzer app

There have been breathalyzers that have worked with your phone before, but the difference with the Platinum Lite is that it is primarily a breathalyzer first, and an app second.  The breathalyzer results connect to your android phone via NFC (Near Field Communication) giving you the chance to take a picture of yourself blowing into the breathalyzer for your records, just in case you have an evening sharing it with your friends that you want to remember the next day!  The breathalyzer connects wirelessly with NFC before and after the test and records the result along with the date and time.

Add your local taxi numbers to the app for the days when you do have alcohol left in your system and are not safe to drive.

Check out your results over an evening with the data chart and learn more about how your body processes alcohol.

Trust the reviews

Both Diesel Car and FAST Car have given glowing reviews of the Alcodigital Platinum Lite breathalyzer, because it produces a reliable accuracy level not far off that of a police unit but at an 8th of the cost of a Home Office Approved breathalyzer.

These reviews also came out before the app was available – so with this added facility you know you can’t go wrong!

The Platinum Lite also has EN approval as a Breath Alcohol Test Device for General Public clearly demonstrating its accuracy and reliability – which could be argued is more important that the reviews…  although we’re always happy when people like our littlest fuel cell!


CE approval

FDA approval

DOT Alcohol Screening Device

EN approval – EN16280 Breath alcohol test devices for general public


The AlcoDigital Platinum Lite breathalyzer comes with an integrated mouthpiece that easily slides out of the breathalyzer and in again for safe storage. Unlike any semi-conductor breathalyzer you never need to worry about taking spare mouthpieces with you – if the device is just for yourself you’re not likely to even need the spares.  However, we know and understand that these breathalyzers are popular with friends and family so 5 spare re-usable mouthpieces are included with the Platinum Lite purchase.

Additional Features

It’s small & blue – we don’t have many breathalyzers that are in a nice colour so this is very popular with our team!

Flow rate sensor – This provides a warning if the breathalyzer isn’t being supplied with a regular flow of sample.

Wide storage and operating temperature range – Can be stored 0 to 50 degrees and operated at 5 – 40 degrees.

Additional information

Accuracy @ 0.05% BAC



up to 4.00 promille



Sensor Type

Fixed Fuel Cell

Warm up time

Within 10 seconds

Flow rate sensor


Breathalyzer: AlcoDigital Platinum Lite

Colour: Blue

No. mouthpieces : 5

Batteries: 2 x AAA 1.5v batteries included

Soft case

User Manual



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